Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering & Natural Sciences


August 15-17, 2014

File 2014 Singapore Program

Keynote Speaker

Naresh Kumar Singh

Laboratory of stem cells and Regenerative Biotechnology, Dept. of Animal biotechnology, College of Animal life sciences, Kangwon National University, South Korea


Developing Mammary Fat Pad Adipose Tissues and Angiogenesis Within Critically Defines the Fate of Epithelial Markers of Epithelial Stem Cells in Ruminants


Balance in the presence of epithelial cells, adipose cells, endothelial cells, nerve cells and immune cells and their synergistic influence results a successful lactation. Understanding the influence of angiogenic factors in mammary parenchyma-stromal cells and their interactions within would unfurl and explore the hidden regulatory mechanism and subsequent cure for mammary oriented diseases. We investigated several gene expression patterns of mammary gland epithelial cells and stromal cells with the changes in cellular microenvironment through epithelial, adipogenic and angiogenic induction mixture and to justify the potential usage of mammary adipose derived stem cells for regenerative purposes. We observed transdifferentiation abilities of mammary adipose stem cells that were on higher side depending upon the environmental cues. On the contrary, angiogenic factors that these cells were carrying along have been found to be detrimental in defining the actual identity of epithelial stem cells for its productive function. Many such issues pertaining to mammary adipose stem cells and epithelial stem cells in terms of decisive markers that have not been addressed so far would be discussed in detail in the forum.

Key words: Mammary fat pad adipose stem cells; angiogenesis; trans differentiation; epithelial stem cells


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