Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering & Natural Sciences

Okinawa, Japan

August 2-4, 2016

File 201608 Okinawa Conference Program

Keynote Speaker

K.N. Hui

Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Macau, Macao SAR, China


Engineering Spinel Materials for High Energy Density Supercapacitor


The continuous increase in energy demand has significantly stimulated a considerable number of studies for energy storage and conversion applications. Electrochemical capacitors have attracted extensive attention because of their overall advantages of bridging the gap between batteries and conventional capacitors. However, most commercial supercapacitors still suffer from low energy density (10 Wh kg−1), high cost, and bulky issues in certain consumer products, such as laptops, electronic digital cameras, and mobile phones. Therefore, developing an advanced electrochemical capacitor with advantages of high energy density, lightweight, and low cost while maintaining intrinsic high power density and long cycle life is imperative.

In this talk, the speaker presents his recent work in the development and applications of nanostructured spinel (AxB3-xO4) materials for SCs. First, he describes how the synergistic effect of spinel/graphite paper hybrid as high performance binder-free supercapacitor electrode. Second, he illustrates how core-shell nanostructured electrodes can achieve high energy density at high current density as well as high rate capability of for applications in SCs by providing more electroactive sites for electrochemical reactions, facilitating the electrolyte ions access to the surface of active materials, reducing the ions diffusion paths, maintaining the structural integrity of the materials during charge/discharge process, and improving the utilization rate of electrode. Third, he demonstrates the stacking concept as effective method of increasing mass loading of active materials without sacrificing the geometry of the nanostructures for achieving a higher electrochemical performance


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