Asia-Pacific Conference on Engineering & Natural Sciences

Taipei, Taiwan

March 13-16, 2018

File 201803 Taipei Conference Program

Keynote Speaker


Associate Professor

Institute of Biotechnology,
National Taiwan University, Taiwan


From tradition to modernity: a role of fermentation and bioprocessing in Agriculture


Fermentation is a metabolic process that consumes sugar in the absence of oxygen. The products are organic acids, gases, or alcohol. The history of fermentation in Asia can be traced back to 2,700 BC. Nowadays, bioconversion could be a better terminology to describe what microorganisms contribute for human beings. Current presentation will give the whole picture of what microbial bioconversion for in the area of reuse of agricultural resources, alcoholic beverages, medical mushroom applications, bio-derived materials, senior’s functional food design and bioreactor engineering. Moreover, future visions of fermentation technique in the fields of biotechnology, agriculture and food, and pharmaceutical industry will also be discussed.


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