Call for Papers

2020 APICENS will take place from March 17-19, 2020 in Singapore. Papers/ abstracts in the fields of Engineering, Natural Sciences and all sub-fields below are welcomed. All abstracts/papers should conform to the required format and be uploaded on the website. Submission shall pass the double blind paper review first in order to be presented in the conference.


Natural Sciences





Earth Sciences


Biological Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Computer Engineering and Technology

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Information Engineering and Technology

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Topics are listed but are not restricted to the followings:

《Biological Engineering》



Biomass & Bioenergy

Bioenvironmental Engineering




Biomedical Engineering

Bioseperation Systems & Methods

Bio-instrumentation Techniques


Biochemical Engineering

Biotechnology and bioprocesses




Food & Agriculture Engineering

《Chemical Engineering》
Adsorbtion Principles and Structure Character of Porous Mate
Advanced Chemical Engineering
Advanced Process Control
Advanced Transport Phenomena
Energy and Environmental Biotechnology
Enzyme and Fermentation Engineering
Interfacial Phenomena
Ionic Liquids
Material Development
Microhydrodynamics: Theory and Applications
Molecular and Cell Biology
Nanomaterial and Synthesis
Polymer Physical Structure & Chemistry
Polymer Structures
Process Safety
Process System Engineering
Reactor Technology
Scaling Concepts in Microfluidics Separation
《Civil Engineering》
Bridge Engineering
Cartography and Geographic Information System
Coastal Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Construction Technology
Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Engineering Management
Environmental Management
Environment-Friendly Construction and Development
Geological Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Hydraulic Engineering
Monitoring and Control Of Structures
Safety Management
Seismic Engineering
Structural Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
Surveying Engineering
Transportation and Highway Engineering
Water Engineering
《Computer Engineering and Technology》


Computer Application Technology

Control Technology

Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Database Technology

Embedded and Network Computing



Graph and Image Processing

Grid Computing and Cluster Computing

Information Security

Information Hiding and Digital Watermark

Multimedia Technology

Network Engineering Communication

Pattern recognition

Software Engineering

Signal and Image Processing

《Electrical and Electronic Engineering》
Advanced Power Semiconductors
Analogue and Digital Signal Processing
Distributed Generation, Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy Systems
Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
Electro technologies
Electromagnetic compatibility
High Voltage and Insulation Technology
Intelligent control systems
Materials for Electrotechnics
Measuring Technology and Instruments
Nuclear Energy
Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
Power Electronics and Power Drives
Power Engineering Education
Power Market
Power Optimization
Power System and its Automation
Power System Reliability and Security
Power Systems Communication
Power Systems Deregulation
《Environmental Engineering》
Atmospheric Diffusion
Biological Treatment Processes
Control of Toxic Gases
Emerging Contaminants
Engineering Mathematics
Environmental Economics
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Planning and Management
Environmental Toxicology
Fluid Mechanics
Ground Water Pollution
Industrial Air Pollution
Noise Pollution Control
Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes
Solid Wastes
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Water Pollution Control
《Information Engineering and Technology》

3G/LTE Mobile Networks Applications

Artificial Intelligence

Automatic Process Control using Wireless Sensor Networks

Cloud-Grid and Internet Computing

Energy Efficient Routing and Medium Access with Wireless Sensor Networks

Green ICT Networks

Indoor Localization and Tracking Algorithms

Resource Management in Cloud Computing

Smart Home Automation Systems

《Material Science and Engineering》
Advanced Polymer Chemistry
Applied Optics
Crystal Structure
Electronic Ceramic Materials
Energy Materials
Kinetics of Materials
Liquid Alloy Processing
Magnetic Materials
Mag, netic Materials
Magnetic Materials
Mechanica, l Behavior of Materials
Optoelectronic Materials
Physical Ceramics
Powder Metallurgy
Precise Controlled
Sintering Theory
Solidification Processing
Thermodynamics of Materials
Welding Metallurgy
X-ray Diffraction
《Mechanical Engineering》
Adaptive Control
Conduction Heat Transfer
Continuum Mechanics
Corrosion and Reliability
Discrete-Time Signal Processing
Energy Systems
IC packaging process
Linear System Theory and Design
Mechanical Design of Robotics System
Micro-System Technology
Numerical Heat Transfer
Physical System Modeling
Precision Fluid Power control
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Screw Theory and Its Applications
Theory of Thermal Stresses
Thermal system Analysis
Transport Phenomena and Material Processing
Viscoelastic Fluids
Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids
Extragalactic AstronomyExtragalactic Astronomy
Galactic Astronomy
Gama-ray Astronomy
Infrared Astronomy
Optical Astronomy
Planetary Science
Radio Astronomy
Solar Astronomy
Stellar Astronomy
Ultraviolet Astronomy
X-ray Astronomy


Advanced Biochemistry


Biochemistry & Biophysics


Biomechanics of the Human

Biomedical Polymers

Biomedical Ultrasonic

Biomedical Ultrasonic


Cancer Biology

Cell Biology

Computational & Systems Biology

Developmental Biology


Human Anatomy and Physiology

Human Genetics

Hyperthermia-Biology, Physics and Instrumentation



Molecular Medicine & Human Disease

Nero Musculoskeletal System


Plant science

Structural Biology

Veterinary Sciences



Adsorption Principles and Structure Character of Porous Mate

Advanced Chemical Engineering

Advanced Process Control

Advanced Transport Phenomena

Biophysical Chemistry


Chemical Biology

Chemical E, ngineering

Chemical Engineering

Energy and Environmental Biotechnology

Enzyme and Fermentation Engineering

Green Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Interfacial Phenomena

Ionic Liquids

Material Development

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Process Safety

Synthetic Chemistry

Theoretical Chemistry



Advances in Instrumentation and Techniques

Applications of Microscopy in the Physical Sciences

Applied Non-linear Physics

Applied of Microscopy in the Physical Sciences

Astrophysics and Plasma Physics

Biophysical Chemistry


Computational Physics

Condensed Matter Physics

Engineering and Industrial Physics

Environmental Physics

Health Physics

Imaging Techniques, Microscopy


Medical Physics

Metrology and Standards

Nanoscale Physics

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

Non-Linear Physics

Nuclear Physics

Nuclear Sciences and Engineering

Optical Physics

Particle Physics

Physical Chemistry

Quantum Physics

Radiation Physics

Radioactivity, Radiochemistry

Solid State Physics

《Earth Sciences》

Climate Change and Extreme Weather


Effect of Climate Change on Ecosystem

Environmental and Marine Sciences


Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences

Geosciences and Geology


Soil Science

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Important Dates

Submission Deadline

November 28, 2019

Notification of Acceptance
From December 18, 2019
Registration & Payment Deadline
January 17, 2020
Conference Date
March 17-19, 2020