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Okinawa - that is where gunuine blue ocean and cozy melody of Okinawan guitar await you. It has been keeping its top ranking for a place to travel in Japan as well. When you make a plan for your vacation, collecting right information is the key. Okinawa Travel Info is here to provide you the most helpful and useful tour information on not only mainland of Okinawa but also isolated islands!


Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium

Okinawa's wealth of nature, history and culture can be experienced at Ocean Expo Park, a place where you can even play with dolphins.Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of many popular attractions at Ocean Expo Park. At the Aquarium, an intriguing world of marine life found in Okinawa is spread out before you. A sea of coral dazzled with sunlight exhibits living coral colonies in large scale.

Nakagusuku-jo Castle

Nakagusuku Castle is on the list of 100 famous castles in Japan. It is also designated as a Japanese historical site as well as a UNESCO World Heritage site, under the title “Gusuku Sites and Related Properties of the Ryukyu Kingdom”.

Okinawa World

Okinawa World is Okinawa Prefecture's foremost theme park and presents the local history, culture and nature all in one location. The parks main attraction is Gyokusendo. 5000meter long cave that was formed approximately 300,000 years ago, it offers today a 890-meter promenade to the public. Next-door is the Habu Park, a center that has no secrets about Okinawa's venomous snake. There is also a scenic village of old time Okinawa and workshops that allow experiencing Okinawa's traditional industrial heritage and local folk craft such as glass blowing and pottery. In between, the traditional performance plaza offers high-spirited Eisa dances popular and other popular attractions.

Mihama American Village

The Mihama American Village is a large entertainment complex located in central Okinawa Honto. Many American military bases are located in the area, and the entertainment complex' theme of Americana provides a nostalgic pleasure for residents of the bases as well as an interesting diversion for the locals. The Mihama American Village resembles a big American outdoor shopping mall with lots of shops, restaurants, cafes and a large parking lot.


Spending a day on a white beach accompanied with beautiful emerald green ocean will be one of your special days.

Manza Beach
Manza Beach is an attractive beach with soft sand. The beach is part of the ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort whose large hotel building overlooks the entire 300 meter long beach. A wide range of facilities and activities are offered to staying guests and daytime visitors.

Moon Beach
Moon Beach is an attractive sand beach located within the grounds of Hotel Moon Beach. The beach extends 150 meters along the water and is often quite densely covered with bathers. There is a designated swimming area, spots for parasols and volleyball nets. The hotel offers many facilities and water activities to staying guests and daytime visitors.

Emerald Beach (Ocean Expo Park)
Located within the Ocean Expo Park on the Motobu Peninsula, Emerald Beach is one of many attractions spread out throughout the park. The beach is divided into three areas: one for playing, one for resting and one for viewing. Each of the three areas is about 150 meters long. A number of facilities and water activities are available to visitors.

Mibaru Beach
Located on the south eastern shore of Okinawa Honto, Mibaru Beach stretches well over a kilometer along the shoreline, although some sections of the beach are rather rough. Accommodation and various facilities are available at the beach, but are much simpler than those found at the above listed beaches.

Zampa Beach
Zampa Beach is an attractive beach in central Okinawa Honto that stretches about 200 meters along the western coast. The beach consists of a designated swimming area, spots for parasols and volleyball nets. There are a number of facilities and water activities available to visitors.

Sunset Beach
Sunset Beach is located just next to the Mihama American Village, a shopping and entertainment complex in central Okinawa Honto. The beach has about 250 meters of shoreline and is located in a small artificial bay on the western shore, making it a good spot to see the sunset. There are many facilities and spots for holding barbecues.

Okinawa Cuisine

Naturally, Okinawa’s mild climate and history of contact with other countries can also be found in the unique Okinawan food. For example, it is said that the roots of the various popular pork dishes began with pork introduced from China in the 14th century. Moreover, ingredients and cooking methods as well as the spirit of “Ishoku Dogen, Healthy Eating to Prevent Disease” were also passed on through exchange with various countries. In Okinawa, dining is regarded as “Kusuimun” (meaning “something which becomes medicine”) in the Okinawa dialect.

Ingredients of Okinawa
One of the most popular ingredients in Okinawan food is pork. For the pig, which is said to have been introduced from China to Okinawa, all parts are consumed from the head and tail to the organs. Pig’s feet, “Rafute”, or clear soup of pork tripe in the Okinawa dialect, and “Soki”, or spareribs in the Okinawa dialect, are famous. Okinawa’s original hard and large tofu “Shima-dofu” is also present in various dishes. Moreover, many vegetables including Goya (bitter melon) and Beni-imo (sweet potato), seaweeds such as Mozuku seaweed, Umi-budo sea grapes, and fish including Gurukun (Banana Fish) are also eaten.

Traditional Food
Traditional Okinawan cuisine includes many soup dishes, fried dishes and boiled dishes all of which make the best use of unique ingredients such as Okinawa’s vegetables like Goya and Shima Rakkyo pickles and pork. Soups including the miso pork “Inamuduchi” soup and the stir-fried and vegetable, etc. “Chanpuru” dish, are famous dishes. There are many snacks as well. Typical examples are “Chinsuko” cookies and “Sata Andagi” deep-fried doughnuts which are said to have been introduced from China. Finally, the oldest distilled spirit in Japan “Awamori” is popular for its rich and mild taste.

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